Become a National Service Project volunteer

One of the most exciting parts of our YMCA Alumni National Service Project — beyond the impact we will help the YMCA of the Seven Council Fires make throughout its far-flung tribal communities — is the involvement of our members in a variety of volunteer roles.  

Many will come to South Dakota from all over the country for week-long stays  (we call them "waves") as construction workers building the homes and twigs. Volunteers also help coordinate YMCA Alumni chapter involvement and serve on task forces and committees.

Visit the PROJECT page on this website for detailed information on construction work "waves" in 2024 and to fill out and submit a construction volunteer registration form.

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Thank you 2023 onsite
construction volunteers

Volunteer Construction Manager: George Painter

Wave 1

Charles Anderson 
Lou Falk 
Don Gardner 
Jeri Glick 
James Krosschell
Vincent Wigh

Wave 2

Linda Dean
Ann-Susan Megas-Russell  
Steven Russell 
Susan Wakefield 
Daniel Wheeler

Wave 3

Gwen Anderson  
Liam Barrett
Colleen Brown 
Tyler Case
Maya Coleman
Sophia Dubois
Brigett Fithian-Giantonio
Calvin Hill  
Mia Iverson
Faye Lofgren
Hope Maher
Tien Nguyen
Scott Woodaman

Wave 4

Jim Blumenstock
Claire Corry 
Carmelita Gallo 
Linda Garcia 
Margaret Givens 
Steve Givens  
Patricia Kellerman
Richard Kellerman
Suzanne Manafort
Maureen Schneider
Karen Shamlin
Lynne Vaughan

Wave 5

Daine Baker
Kevin Byrne 
Antonio Delis
Duane German
Marianne Huntington
Laura Kamperman
Xiomara Larios 
Matt Leininger
Kathryn McCulloch
Joseph McQuaid
Mark Miller 
Lee Muckey
Tracy Muckey
Jean Santopadre
Dylan Santopadre Freeman
Mike Turner
Monica Turner
Deborah Winter

Wave 7

Josiah Allen  
Rob Dustin  
Cathy Elliott
Jenny Gober-Dustin
Bonnie Graham 
Gary Graham  
Priscilla Hourigan 
Kurt Kaboth
Jan Keny
Danny Maier
Helen Pelletier
Dave Rogers
Marty Rogers
David Rostykus
John Rostykus
Phyllis Rostykus
Walt Rostykus
Jody Skelton
P.  Wesley Sturgis

Wave 8

Sarah Baker
Tom Blakely
Nancy Bonell
Abraham Clayton
Ethan Dupris
Cathy Elliott
Campbell King
Danny Maier
Madison McGuire
Hanna Neilson
David Rostykus
Walt Rostykus
Clayton Shaw
Ricardo Tienda-Perez
Nate Trauntvein
Olivia Trauntvein

He leads the boots on the ground

George Painter of the YMCA Alumni McBurney-Morse Chapter has served as Volunteer Construction Manager of our National Service Project since its inception.  George is a retired YMCA Camp Director with more than 40 years of building experience.

Construction Team
(aka 'Boots on the Ground')

George Painter, Chair * Linda Dean * Lou Falk 
Steve Gunn  * Bob Martin * Harry Rock*  Dan Sager
Bob Smeenk * Rich Wallis

Marketing Team

Paul Andresen, Chair * Craig Altschul, consultant
Cheri Brennan * Harriet Hoskyns-Abrahall
Harry Rock, Facebook

Marketing, Communications  Chapter Liaisons

Cheri Brennan * Cathy Fromm * Mike Grady
 Don Kerr * Dennis Morhman  * Wayne Uhrig

Volunteer Engagement Team

Linda Dean, Chair * Nels Bagnardi * Don Gardner

Volunteer Chapter Liaisons

Anthony Delisio * Linda Garcia  * Jeri Glick-Anderson  
Nels Bagnardi * Gigi Woodruff  * Deb Zvanut

Fundraising Team

Gary Graham, Chair * Vanessa Boulous 
Janice Carthens * Kathy Dunn * Lou Falk
Carmelita Gallo * Don Gardner  * Mike Graves
Cindy Koenig * Harold Mezile *Bill Moss
Steve Rowe * Rich Wallis 

Recognition Team

Nels Bagnardi, Chair * Cheri Brennan * Linda Dean
Alane McCahey * Ann Nischke